Decision to Become a Day Trader Slider

My Decision to Become a Day Trader

For me, day trading has always been about one thing - freedom. I wanted to have the freedom to be able to work when I chose, without employees or a boss, from anywhere in the world. That kind of lifestyle flexibility is something that almost everyone says they want but few have even tried taking the initial steps towards that goal.

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Emini S&P 500 Futures Brings Out The Bulls and Bears (Michael Probst/AP)

The Emini Day Trading Series

In this four part series from Samurai Trading Academy we explore a number of topics that are critical to the aspiring day trader.

These include an introduction to the futures market and the Emini S&P 500, the advantages of Emini trading, and how money is made as a day trader.

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Becoming a Full Time Trader Cover

The Path to Becoming a Full Time Trader

Becoming a full time trader requires a plan for development, a clear focus on your goals, and the determination to push through your trading plateaus.

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My Trading Desk

Trading Desk Featured

For some odd reason I’ve had a massive influx of emails recently from people wanting to know more about my day trading station and the hardware I use.  All right, so maybe I’m embellishing that “massive influx” a bit.  It’s actually only been three emails over the past two weeks.  Still, in the past couple of years I’ve only had one such inquiry …

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A Week in Review: Friday the 5th +3.75 Points

Tuesday 0605 Day Trading Featured

Today’s trading was short and sweet.  Sometimes I do go a bit longer on Fridays but most of the time they are pretty short days for me.  That also means that this will probably be a pretty quick recap but you can expect a longer and more detailed review for the week in the next couple of days. The good …

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A Week in Review: Thursday the 4th +1.75 Points

Tuesday 0604 Day Trading Featured

Today was a much trickier day to trade compared to the rest of the week so far although that didn’t come as a huge surprise.  Friday is the Non-Farm Employment report and it’s not unusual for the Thursday before that release to be a bit lacklustre.  Sometimes that’s because the volumes are low and price only moves in narrow ranges …

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A Week in Review: Wednesday the 3rd +6.5 Points

Tuesday 0603 Day Trading Featured

I’m loving some of these big swings right now!  One of the key elements of moving into a higher level of profitability is learning to be adaptable to market conditions. We’ve been seeing some pretty good momentum and large swings lately so it makes sense to adapt our targets a bit and take advantage when the opportunity is there.  Yesterday’s trading …

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A Week in Review: Tuesday the 2nd +7.25 Points

Tuesday 0602 Day Trading Featured

This week I thought I would try posting something a little different with the STA blog that will hopefully illustrate a few important things traders should be aware of.  Here’s the plan – to make a daily post of my trading results while trading 5 contracts and then to do a summary at the end of the week along with …

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