Learning to Day Trade and the Pressure of Performance

Pressure and Performance

Learning to day trade and then achieving a consistently high level of profitability in this business can be a curious thing.  When observing full time day traders the trading process often seems very simple, even nearly effortless, with minimal emotion getting in the way of decision-making.  However, for the novice trader learning to day trade is rarely an […]

My Trading Desk

Samurai Trading Desk

For some odd reason I've had a massive influx of emails recently from people wanting to know more about my day trading station and the hardware I use.  All right, so maybe I'm embellishing that "massive influx" a bit.  It's actually only been three emails over the past two weeks.  Still, in the past couple of years I've […]

The Emini Day Trading Series

Wall Street Bull Brian Jannsen

Our four part Emini Day Trading Series gives an introduction to the Emini S&P 500 (ES) futures market, discusses many of the advantages to trading futures compared to Forex or individual stocks, shows how money is made as an Emini day trader, and covers what's needed to trade like we do at STA.

Becoming a Day Trader

Tokyo Shinjuku at Night

For me, day trading has always been about one thing - freedom.  It's been over a decade since I took my first steps into full-time trading because it offered me the freedom to be able to work when I chose, without employees or a boss, from anywhere in the world.  In short, it offered true career independence!

STA Training Program

STA Logo

Learn more about the personalized, 1-on-1 training that I offer to help aspiring traders reach consistent profitability and achieve their career and mobile lifestyle goals.  This program is limited to only a handful of students each year so I can give each student the attention they need while still running my own trading business full time.